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Pressure Washing

Considering pressure washing in Vancouver WA?

Not only do moss and mildew look bad, but they can also create issues with the integrity of your property and cause health problems for the people and pets in your home. But these microbes don’t go down easily. That’s why you should call St. Mary’s Window Cleaning Services for Pressure washing in Vancouver WA. When we come to your property, we’ll clean up your place and bring it back to pristine condition, getting rid of mold and mildew–guaranteed!

Pressure Washing Vancouver WAAlgae and moss are enormous fall risks

Normally, walking around on surfaces like concrete, vinyl, and brick isn’t slippery. However, even a thin layer of moss or mildew can quickly cause you to lose your balance. When wet, they become hazardous and unstable. While large accumulations of these contaminants are easy to avoid, even small amounts can be dangerous. Unfortunately, these hard to find microbes are also difficult to kill and often require special chemicals or equipment to safely remove.

Mold and mildew can cause health problems

You wouldn’t eat moldy bread, and you shouldn’t breathe in mold either. Since mold is a microscopic organism, once enough of it collects and becomes visible to the naked eye, there is likely more nearby that you can’t see. On the outside of your house, it might not seem like having a little bit of mold is a big deal, but these tiny particles can infiltrate your home through outside vents or other entrances to your home where they can harm you and your family.

Pressure washing can get rid of mold, mildew, algae, and moss

Using a pressure washer properly is more difficult than it looks. While it may seem like a simple tool that can be understood right away, there are many factors that go into power washing that experienced professionals take into account.

Pressure Washing Vancouver Washington

  • Too much pressure can remove paint or even the siding of your house, requiring costly repairs to fix. It can also break the integrity of your window seals and allow water inside.
  • Power cleaning second floors and higher can be dangerous and challenging to reach with consumer-grade pressure cleaners. Our industrial-strength equipment can clean from ground level instead of using ladders or other perilous footholds.
  • As cleaning experts, we know the correct pressure and cleaning agents to use on all kinds of materials. Using the wrong cleaner or pressure can actually do more harm than good.

Be at ease knowing we guarantee our pressure washing work

With our fast and friendly service, we’ll treat your home or property like it’s our own. With our money back guarantee, you can be sure the job will be done to your satisfaction—or we’ll return to fix it free of charge. But pressure washing isn’t all we do. We’re window cleaning experts that can even clear up your skylights. And we can handle siding and roof cleaning including gutter cleaning services. Be sure to check our current specials, then give us a call or fill out our contact form for your free estimate.

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