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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Vancouver WA Before

Vancouver Roof Cleaning Before

Fall, Winter, and Spring are peak growing seasons for moss, so make sure to stay on top of your roof cleaning in Vancouver WA! Now is the time to rid your roof of moss and mold. Guaranteed!

Contact St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services today for a expert roof cleaning Vancouver WA!

We offer 2 distinct treatments. The spray treatment is an effective way to maintain an already clean roof, or a roof with a mild and thin spread of moss. We stand behind our work, and though we can’t guarantee you’ll never get moss again our work does come with a 90 day guarantee. No gutter cleaning!

When should this be done? A spray based roof cleaning is most important when moss hasn’t yet begun to clump on your shingles. It’s at this point when you are most likely able to avoid having to combat the removal and potential damage that comes with larger moss clumping. Moss may be growing even if you cannot see it, a noticeably dirty roof is a good indication that moss will be arriving soon. Once it begins to clump it can clog gutters resulting in the need for a Vancouver gutter cleaning and plug downspouts in addition to other damage.

Extensive Roof Cleaning Vancouver WA

Roof Cleaning Vancouver WA After

Vancouver Roof Cleaning After

Extensive Roof Cleaning: Let us check your roof yearly!
1) Clean Gutters
2) Treat for moss prevention & mold. Never let it grow!

Some types of moss are very difficult to remove. Killing these types of moss before removing them helps reduce the amount of brushing, reducing the wear and tear on shingles. Our extensive roof cleaning is what you need once clumping has occurred and spray cleaning isn’t an option. It’s at this point that you should call St Mary’s Window Cleaning Services as soon as possible so that we can provide you with an extensive roof cleaning Vancouver WA that will ensure you are left moss free. Many home owners don’t even realize that moss can cause extensive roof damage in a number of ways:

    • Roof Leaks – Moss can block water from running vertically off the roof, causing it to flood beneath the shingles themselves. This causes water damage to both the tar paper and the roof sheathing, leaving you under protected from the elements and in the beginning stages of a potentially costly roof repair.
    • Prying – The rhizomes in moss are capable of reaching around the granules on your roof shingles. As these rhizomes constantly soak up moisture and dry out again, their expansion and contraction can cause granules to get pried from the shingles. This damages the shingles and their resistant properties granted by the granules.
    • Surface Tension Loss – When moss on your Vancouver WA roof holds in moisture, it can disrupt the surface tension of the tar in your shingles, causing the loss of granules much like prying. As granules help protect your roof from UV radiation and serve to absorb and dissipate day/night cycle heat.
    • Freeze/Thaw – When moss freezes and thaws it loosens up the granules on your shingles. When these granules are stripped the shingles actually lose their water repellent properties causing tar shingles to quickly dry out.


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